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Rediscover what passion is again with Angelina’s Secret.

Angelina’s Secret: Lady Angelina Marguerite Amelia Stewart was born in a time when women were valued for their beauty, titles and little else. Beloved daughter of Lord and Lady Stewart, and cherished by her older brother, Jonathan, Angelina is blessed with a quick mind and a sharp wit, which she uses liberally regardless of the consequences. Determined to never be owned by any man, Angelina shuns societal rules and lives life on her own terms. When she is surprised by her parents with a sea voyage for her nineteenth birthday, Angelina is thrilled to fully explore life, unaware that her gift comes with a price. It will test her resolve and challenger her in ways she could never have imagined.

Captain Jude Deveraux is leading a double life. He and his band of French privateers steal, rob and plunder unsuspecting ships that have the misfortune of wandering into their domain. Awarded a title by the King of France for bravery during battle, the Duke of Bayonne, A.K.A. Captain Jude Deveraux, takes what he wants from the world as he and best friend, Honore live each day as if it were their last. That is until the day Jude discovers that the only thing he truly wants is to capture the untamed heart of fiery tempered, Angelina for his own.

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Diane Merrill Wigginton

Diane Merrill Wigginton was born in Riverside, California in 1963. Her family moved to San Diego near the end of 1970, where she grew up in the newly developed community of Mira Mesa. She would spend portions of her summers each year in Burly, Idaho with her mother’s parents, Florence and Orval Merrill. There she developed a love of animals and a respect for the land. It was during this time on the farm riding horses, herding cattle and taming the wild kittens born between the haystacks that Diane also developed a love of storytelling. She dreamed that one day she would become a published author and would be able to tell her stories to the world. In February 2018, she and her husband made the move from Northern California to Kalispell Montana to retire. Now she is able to pursue her passion of writing books fulltime. “I am thrilled and elated to be doing what I love.”

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